Who Is DataMole For?

DataMole is designed with two audiences in mind, existing companies who provide data recovery services, or those that intend to diversify their business offerings to include on-site recovery.

Existing Data Recovery Service Providers

Data Recovery resellers and other data recovery services providers can benefit from quicker turn around times, on the spot diagnostics and, most importantly of all, lower prices than competing "send it to us" service providers.

DataMole is a new way to service your current data recovery interests and also to expand your operation, attracting new clients to your low cost, industry leading service, without the investment in dedicated facilities.

abc Data Recovery can help partners to capture local enquiries as well as directing work to your doorstep, whilst paying handsome commission for each and every job that is recovered, regardless of who generated the work.

The most attractive aspect to the service is that it is completely without risk, there are no monthly fees, no set up costs and free support.

Those Interested In Developing In-House Data Recovery Abilities

IT and PC Support Companies that currently refer data recovery work to third parties, or those that simply do not offer a service at present can benefit from the Mole in many ways.

From an entirely new revenue stream, to becoming known as a one stop shop for all IT based needs in your area.  Importantly, we can help you to do all of this without requiring financial investment, as everything, from the kit to the support is available to you completely free of charge.

abc Data Recovery can help you to grow your data recovery business, with directed enquiries, dedicated pages on our main website or even a CMS (Content Management System) that enables you to quickly generate a search engine optimised site marketing your new abilities.  There are many ways in which we can help you to establish yourself as the premier data recovery provider in your area.

Where to go from here?

To talk to us about how this exciting new technology can help you and your business contact R3 Data Recovery Ltd on 0800 999 3282 or use our online Contact Form.