Offsite Data Recovery Services

Whilst the DataMole device is able to recover the vast majority of devices immediately, there are circumstances, where, with the best will in the world, the laws of physics prevent remote recovery.

In cases where DataMole cannot recover data due to a physical failure, DataMole Partners can benefit from preferential pricing for work that must be carried out in R3 Data Recovery Ltd's certified ISO 3 clean room laboratory.

More information about this service can be found on our Clean Room Rebuilds Page.

It is also possible that a drive can develop a fault with its integrated electronics, whilst many such problems can be resolved remotely there are scenarios where the damage is too severe to access the drive and expert intervention is required.

For more information please see our Advanced Electronics Repair page.

DataMole does not currently allow for recovery of RAID systems, this is a development that is slated in for development in 2009.  In the meantime all RAID recoveries are handled by R3 Data Recovery at our location in Sheffield.

More information on our RAID Data Recovery Services