Degraded Media Data Recovery

Degraded media, also known as bad sectors, can be developed by a drive for any number of reasons.

Some media degradation problems are software related, occurring due to write errors to an area of the hard disk, other problems can be caused by hardware failures, including a breakdown of the hard disk drive platter media or a dirtying or reduction of the reading/writing ability of the read/write heads.

Regardless of the cause of the bad sector problem the DataMole Remote Data Recovery Solution can help.  Our unique cloning algorithm can recover lost data from damaged sectors in a way that no software solution, and very few reasonably priced hardware tools can provide.

Our unique technology, an improvement upon hard disk cloning technology that has been used by abc Data Recovery Ltd, in-house, as our primary cloning technology for almost 18 months now, is industry leading.  More importantly it is the fastest tool of its type often recovering on the fly as the recovery progresses.

One unique feature that is simply unavailable in any commercial alternative to the DataMole is the ability to clone only the required areas of a hard disk drive, reading the file system information stored on the device DataMole only needs to attempt to read the data that your client requires, cutting recovery times to the bare minimum required.

Lesser cloning hardware can cost multiples of thousands, and still be far less effective and more time consuming than the DataMole equipment, available for free to selected partners.

To discuss data cloning, the unique benefits of the DataMole hardware or to arrange for a demonstration call R3 Data Recovery Ltd now on 0800 999 3282 or alternatively use our online Contact Form.