About DataMole

DataMole is a hardware/software complex designed by data recovery engineers for use by IT professionals.  The tool is designed in such a way that even complete novices to the field of data recovery can use and successfully recover lost data from failed hard disk drives in a matter of minutes.

DataMole is operated remotely by skilled data recovery engineers who have been using the tool daily during the development process.  Now as we release the beta product to a larger audience, we are confident that almost any drive failure issue can be diagnosed and in most cases, successfully recovered.  Using our unique hardware, manufacturer's specific diagnostic commands, power consumption monitors and even the sound that the drive makes abc Data Recovery can offer unparalleled diagnostic services.

What Hard Disk Failures are Recoverable?

Our experience working with our beta testers, and R3 Data Recovery's own remote sites has shown that almost 75% of drives can be recovered using the DataMole tool.  Problems that have been successfully recovered remotely include:

  • Degraded media (bad sector) recovery
  • Lost, deleted or damaged file recovery
  • Recovery of data following a reinstallation of the OS
  • Firmware corruption on the drive
  • Many ATA password protected drives can be successfully unlocked remotely

And these are just some of the problems that we deal with on a daily basis.

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