DataMole Data Recovery and Hard Disk Repair Tool

R3 Data Recovery Ltd are proud to announce the beta release of our remote diagnostic and data recovery tool, the DataMole.  We are currently looking for partners across the UK to join in the testing of the product.

What is the Mole?

DataMole represents a first for the data recovery industry, a unique data recovery solution that brings the skill and expertise of our data recovery technicians directly to your workshop.  Based upon our unique hard disk diagnostic and cloning algorithms that have been tried and tested in the abc labs, DataMole offers on site recovery for our partners.

Why an on-site service?

There are a number of reasons, timescale being the biggest, however, unreliable courier companies, customer service and of course cost.  With the introduction of DataMole, R3 Data Recovery are able to drastically reduce the cost of performing data recovery from failed or failing drives, this means more take-up and larger margins for you.

How Does it Work?

Based upon our in-house hardware device cloning algorithms and low level access to the hard drive's firmware, DataMole is able to recover from hard disks that would previously have been sent away to dedicated lab facilities.  Problems including firmware corruption, bad sectors and degraded media, ATA Password removal, corrupt files and more can all be recovered remotely, and normally the data required by the end user is available in minutes, without the device, or the customer ever having to leave your premises.

How Do I Enrol?

To take part in the beta release of DataMole, contact  Please include your company name, your position within the company as well as your full registered address and a contact number.

Your company must be a VAT registered UK limited company with an existing data recovery interest, or the desire to develop one.